Our Expertise

Financial Management


We provide full financial management of your investment to help you achieve your goals.  We use state of the art management & accounting software to help us develop comprehensive budgets, track income and expenses, and generate detailed reports.

Property Management


As a licensed general contractor, we are not your typical property management company. We have and experience to ensure your apartments are maintained with with upmost care and anticipate problems before they happen.   As well as the expertise to manage any capital improvement projects.

Leasing & Tenant Management


Our average turn over time is the lowest in the property management industry, which means less vacancy loss for you apartments.  Once the tenant moves in, we leverage technology and provide fast response times, which issuers an excellent tenant experience and keeps your rental occupied.  

We do not accept re-usable or portable rental applications. Check out our vacancy page to apply.

Phone:  206-457-2475                  WA RE License #: 19757                    WA GC #: EMERAHP850QD